The Specific Protein Analyzer is a highly accurate and intelligent instrument that can quantitatively measure the amount of specific protein in biological samples. It has been developed using advanced technologies (e.g. modern optics, electronics and informatics). It is mainly used in clinical laboratories to test specific proteins, especially for the needs of outpatient clinics, emergency rooms and local hospitals

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  • 5.6’’ colour display LCD with touch function, rich display of content, optional user interface languages (Chinese and English).
  • Intelligent and efficient brush card system that eliminates the need for standard curves and blank comparisons.
  • External barcode scanning module can be connected, seamless connection with the hospital
  • Information System (HIS) and the Laboratory Information Management System (LIS) is supported and enables real-time data exchange.
  • The high-brilliance laser rod ensures accurate and stable results.
  • The user-friendly interface enables communication between manand machine.
  • The entire test process can be monitored, with automatic prompting by text and audible control.
  • Built-in thermal printer, optional print modes (automatic and manual).
  • Standard RS232 interface.


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