Fetal Monitor can record FHR, TOCO and FMOV in real time, providing clinically useful reference data. It can be used alone or as part of a network monitoring system with the central monitoring system in the obstetric department.

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  • Compact design, can be placed horizontally or hung on the wall.
  • Colour LCD, 60° rotatable screen.
  • Clearly displays the monitoring curve and data.
  • Range marker for normal FHR.(120 BPM~160 BPM).
  • Manual recording of foetal movement.
  • Sound and colour remind user of high and low foetal heart rate.
  • Real-time monitoring for 24 hours.
  • Save, playback and print monitoring trace for 12 hours.
  • Optional interface languages: Chinese and English.
  • With waveform lock function.
  • Optional twin monitoring.
  • 9-crystal and wide beam transducer.
  • Extra durable and high resolution built-in thermal printer.
  • Communication with central monitoring system via built-in RJ45.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries that continue to function normally for two hours after a power failure.


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