The device analyses blood and other body fluids for biochemical indicators, which it then links with other clinical data to help diagnose disease, assess organ function, identify disease genes and provide a baseline for future therapies.

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  • Based on the Linux operating system, colour graphic interface.
  • Operation via 7’’ colour touch screen LCD, function keys or external USB mouse, keyboard.
  • Optional measurement methods. (end point, two point, kinetics, double wavelength, etc.) and calculation methods. (Factor, linear regression, non-linear regression, etc.).
  • Optional print modes and report formats.
  • Set two quality controls for each item, automatically create a QC chart, save QC data and charts within a year that can be reviewed and printed.
  • Auto-dormancy for the lamp to extend its life.
  • Power-off protection function: automatically saves the measurement results.
  • Self-check function: alarm when the light path, liquid path and mechanical components fail.
  • Standard communication interface, convenient for data transmission and processing.
  • Wavelength: 340, 405, 510, 546, 578, 620nm and 2 free positions.
  • Supports four languages: Chinese, English, Spanish,


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