The BC401 Urine Analyser is a highly accurate, intelligent clinical urine testing device that has been researched and built using modern optics, electronics, informatics and other advanced technologies. The urine can be tested for GLU, BIL, SG, KET, BLD, PRO,URO, NIT, LEU, VC, PH, MAL, CR and UCA using special test strips. The test can be carried out in a hospital, a community health service, a clinic, an epidemic ward and in the family, among other places.

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  • High luminosity and white LED, features long life and good stability.
  • Display a wealth of content on the 2.4’’ LCD, optional languages: Chinese and English.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Optional units: international unit, conventional unit and symbol system.
  • Monitoring of the entire test process, automatic characters and acoustic prompt.
  • Compatible with 8, 10, 11, 12, 14-parameter test strips. (optional, depending on the type of test strip).
  • Standard MicroUSB interface, Bluetooth interface. (Optional)


  • Test objects: GLU, BIL, SG, KET, BLD, PRO, URO, NIT, LEU, VC, PH, MAL, CR, UCA. (optional depending on the type of test strip)
  • Data storage: Storage of 500 sample data that can be retrieved by test date, sample no. and user name.
  • Interface: Standard MicroUSB interface, Bluetooth inter-face. (Optional)
  • Power supply: DC5V, 1A, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.


  • Health examination.
  • Chronic diseases, especially long-term monitoring for nephrotic patients.
  • Point of care testing(POCT), convenient for doctor to use.
  • Portable device, it is a good helper for village doctors.
  • Use as a telemedicine termina


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