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E-Health / Telehealth

E-Health, also known as telehealth, refers to the use of electronic communication and information technologies to provide healthcare services remotely.

Medical technology

Medical technology, also known as medtech, refers to the use of advanced scientific and technological innovations in healthcare to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases or medical conditions.

Medical device

we design and customize medical equipment for all your needs.

Medical technology

Medical technologies can save lives, improve health and contribute to sustainable healthcare.

Any company can design medical devices, as long as they have enough technical skills to perform such tasks. But not all medical devices are suitable enough to pass clinical evaluation and enter the medical technology market.


Our E-Health service is primarily focused on helping you create new services ranging from strategy, design and customer insights to large-scale implementations and ongoing development.

We strive to reduce social and health inequalities between different age groups, genders, ethnicities, family statuses and economic statuses. 


We develop medical devices and solutions for healthcare.

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