The CMS1700A is a high-resolution colour Doppler ultrasound diagnostic device with a sophisticated computer processing platform. The technology is primarily used for the diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessels, breast, obstetrics and gynaecology, small organs, urology, muscle, incretion and paediatrics. It uses Doppler ultrasound imaging technology, advanced image processing technology (such as digital beamforming technology, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), image speckle suppression, etc.) and a digital integrated graphics management system and an inhouse professional measurement software package to meet the diagnostic needs of the clinic.

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  • 15-inch TFT screen
  • Advanced technologies
  • Digital beam forming (DBF)
  • Real-time dynamic aperture (RDA)
  • Dynamic Receiving Focus (DRF)
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • Continuous Doppler (CW)
  • Superior Phased Array
  • Cardiac imaging technology
  • Complete software package
  • PW Auto Trace
  • Trapezoidal Imaging
  • Compound Imaging
  • Full screen display
  • B, B/B, 4B, PDI, 3D, 4D, M, CF, PW, CW (Optional: 3D, 4D)


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