Photoelectric oxyhaemoglobin testing technology is combined with capacitive pulse sensing and recording technology in the CMS60D1 pulse oximeter, which can be used to monitor human oxygen saturation and pulse rate via the finger. The device can be used in a variety of environments, includinghome, hospital, oxygen bar, healthcare and sports medicine. (It can be used before or after exercise,but it is not recommended to use it during exercise).

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  • 2.8’’ colour screen.
  • Display of SpO2 value.
  • Display of pulse rate value and bar graph.
  • Display of pulse waveform.(selection function).
  • Display of PI value. (selection function)
  • Alarm function to protect the code lock.
  • Alarm function (finger off or out of limit).
  • Display of battery level, warning function for very low battery level.
  • Adjustable screen brightness, adjustable volume.
  • Memory function for SpO2 and PR values, and the stored data can be uploaded to PC.
  • Real-time data can be uploaded to PC.
  • Bluetooth connection to PC.(optional)
  • An external SpO2 probe can be connected.
  • Bilingual switch for Chinese and English.
  • Restore factory settings.
  • With function menu.



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