TS18 Patient Monitor

Optional functions

  • Mainstream CO2 module
  • IBP module
  • 12- lead ECG
  • NELLCOR SpO2 module
  • Wall Bracket
  • Vertical Bracket
  • MASIMO SpO2 module
  • TS1host(transport monitoring)
  • Thermal printer
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  • 17.3” high-definition touchscreen design, shortcut key lists that can be displayed as needed, simple and easy to use.
  • Patient information can be entered quickly, patient type (adult/newborn/paediatric) can be changed quickly, and it meets the needs of different departments.
  • Use a high-performance processor that is stable, reliable and fast in processing data.
  • Automatic data storage in the event of a power failure ensures that patient monitoring data is continuouslystored to avoid medical disputes.
  • A built-in large capacity lithium battery, which is removable and rechargeable, ensures continuous monitoring.
  • The fanless design ensures low power consumption and silent operation.
  • Print real-time waveforms with the built-in 3-channel recorder. (optional)
  • Connect to our company’s central monitoring system via WiFi or cable for easy transmission of real-time patient data.
  • Standby mode: suitable for ICU, does not disturb patient’s sleep, can be turned on at the touch of a button and reduces the workload of medical staff.



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