TLC5000/TLC9803/TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems

Dynamic ECG Systems uses an international 12-channel system that can record ECG waveforms continuously for 24 hours and analyse them using the software PC. It can be used in medical facilities as well as by the general public

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  • Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration functions.
  • A clock that is updated in real time. (TLC5000, TLC9803 and TLC6000 only).
  • Waveform preview, record review and event marker included.(TLC5000 and TLC9803 only)
  • Record the ECG waveform in detail with a high precision recorder with high sampling frequency.

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TLC5000/TLC9803/TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems

TLC9803/TLC5000, TLC6000


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