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  • 24-hour recording and the user can pursue normal activities, which is convenient for monitoring, capturing hidden and instantaneous pathological EEG waveform.
  • Bluetooth synchronisation function, real-time data uploading and waveform monitoring, routine EEG sampling function. (optional)
  • Waveform playback function, amplitude and playback speed are adjustable, the combination of leads can be freely set. (e.g. monopolar, bipolar or user-de-fined).
  • Case contrast function, simultaneous display and contrast of the waveforms of two different cases or the same waveform at different times.
  • System parameters can be adjusted as needed to meet different user requirements.
  • EEG signal clipping function: Analyse and save any section of the EEG wave and select multiple waveform segments for automatic analysis and distillation into different parameters.
  • Select one or more time segments for power spectrum analysis and provide a compressed spectral array with analysis diagrams, such as BEAM, three-di-mensional activity mapping and so on.
  • The automatic analysis system for spike-sharp waves provides data statistics for spike waves, sharp waves, slow waves, spike-sharp waves and spike-slow waves, etc., as well as a trend diagram for the entire pathological wave. Click on the trend chart to browse the EEG synchronously.
  • Perfect case management function, providing many options for searching and quick statistical information; convenient export and import function for cases that are easy to save or submit.
  • Case files can be converted to European Standard Data Format (EDF), facilitating data exchange, academic exchange and further analysis.
  • The multifunctional digital filtering system offers different filtering methods and window types. The user can freely set low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop philtres.


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