Large Diagnotic Equipment

8000 GW / 8000G ECG

  • Compact and portable recorder design, supports both Wilson and Frank lead systems, withlead-off indicator.
  • Real-time sampling, display and storage, with features such as real-time QRS waveform,real-time HR calculation and printing, and multiple filtering methods to avoid baseline driftand interference.
  • The advanced ECG analysis algorithm provides accurate automatic analysis points andreliable automatic detection of cardiacarrhythmias, making the analysis report andconclusions even more valuable.
  • Anti-aliasing technology is used for clear display of the ECG waveform; the intelligentlead position adjustment function solves the problem of waveform overlap caused bybaseline drift or high amplitude waveform.
  • The high sampling frequency (1000 Hz) ensures a correct ECG waveform withoutdistortion. The high resolution of the display and printout guarantees a detailed ECGwaveform.

  • With dozens of synchronised and continuous display/print modes, including 6×2, 3×4, 3×4+2,etc.Additional functions such as analysis of superimposed waveforms,electronic scale and editableterminology database, etc. greatly facilitate diagnosis and clinical application.
  • With the “Shortcut Print” function, you can preview or print ou the entire analysis reports andsave them on the PC in multimedia format (BMP, PNG, PDF or JPG format) as required.
  • Working status of the unit, such as charging, low battery and Bluetooth mode(8000GW).
  • Built-in, rechargeable lithium battery with large capacity that works continuously for morethan 7 hours.(8000GW)


TLC5000/TLC9803/TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems

Dynamic ECG Systems uses an international 12-channel system that can record ECG waveforms continuously for 24 hours and analyse them using the software PC. It can be used inmedical facilities as well as by the general public


  • Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration functions.
  • A clock that is updated in real time. (TLC5000, TLC9803 and TLC6000 only).
  • Waveform preview, record review and event marker included.(TLC5000 and TLC9803 only)

  • Record the ECG waveform in detail with a high precision recorder with high samplingfrequency

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